We are a Law Firm specializing in Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial, Corporate and other legal matters including licensing for businesses.


The firm was established in Boston in 1993. Located in the center of Boston, the firm is conveniently located next to Boston city hall, Boston district citizenship and immigration services office, Boston executive office for immigration review, Suffolk registry of deeds, and all Suffolk county court houses. All of the attorneys and paralegals speak Spanish and some speak Portuguese.



(617) 723-7353



One Boston Place, Suite 2600
Boston, MA 02108

380 Pleasant St., Suite 13
Malden, MA 02148


M-Fr 9:00 am –5:00 pm



Primarily the firm practices in the areas of immigration and real estate, although we also handle certain commercial, corporate and other legal matters. In deportation matters we handle all removal and deportation issues, including asylum, cancelation of removal, voluntary departure, waivers, bond or Joseph hearings, NACARA, tps, adjustment of status and any other type of matter heard before the executive office for immigration review and board of immigration appeals.

In citizenship and immigration matters, we handle all types of immigrant and non-immigrant visa matters including, visitor visas, visa extensions, appeals, work visas, including e, l, h, o, p visas. We also handle all types of consular matters, national visa center matters, department of state matters, as well as family and employment based permanent visa petitions, and visa lottery-diversity visas. 

Real Estate Law

We represent lenders, buyers and sellers with residential and commercial closings; we handle condominium developments, zoning matters, boundary disputes, sub-divisions, summary process eviction actions, foreclosures, title modifications, title repairs, loan work outs and modifications, and short sale negotiations and transactions.

In addition, we handle civil litigation matters, collection matters, professional licensing matters, including alcohol, entertainment, purchase and sales of restaurants, business, distributing and importing, creation of legal entities, driver licensing issues, and powers of attorney. We work with attorneys in Spain and South and Central America with regard to matters of nationals involving both countries.



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